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Growing Pastoral Unemployment

Shrinking attendance and the recession are making for one of the worst job markets for Protestant ministers in decades.

Clergy Joblessness On The Rise

While some economists insist that the national economy appears to be recovering from the worst record downturn in many generations, significantly declining donations in churches result in rising clergy unemployment.

God’s Plan for the Global Economic Collapse

In this crucial hour when not only Americans but all peoples of all nations collectively are faced with the catastrophic effects of the most expansive economic collapse in the annals of human history, it is calming, comforting, and cheering to know that the Sovereign and Almighty God has a plan, has eternally known what the plan is, and that His plan—for individual believers and His true Body alike—is not for harm, calamity, disaster, or destruction, but welfare, good, prosperity, peace, and a hope-filled future.

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