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Concinnity definition: (kən-sĭn'ĭ-tē) harmonious interrangement of individual parts in relation to the whole.

Concinnity Network is a peer-to-peer network of passion-driven faith-based entrepreneurs partnering together for synergetic philanthropic and financial purposes relative to the passions we live for.

America and all the nations of the world are facing unique and extremely trying circumstances in this hour of human history. Tribulations abound!

The prevailing global economic and geo-political environment have produced a time of massive paradigmic upheaval. As a result, cause-driven entities of virtually every genre are being forced to find and implement alternate revenue-producing models to underwrite and sustain their core mission.

The role and calling of Concinnity Network is to be a "bridge" between those entities and marketplace enterprises offering viable and significant opportunity to fulfill the administrative and financial needs of those cause-driven entities.

We invite you to partner with us as we help each other to attain the distinct yet mutual purposes and passions for which we live!

About Our Network

Concinnity Business Network is a peer-to-peer network of faith-based entrepreneurs partnering together for synergetic philanthropic and financial purposes.

Our role is to be a “bridge” between our constituency and marketplace enterprises that offer revenue-generation opportunities for the faith-based or cause-driven entities our members represent.

We are presently looking for revenue-generation opportunities on behalf of our members in these economically challenging times. If you know of an opportunity we might want to take a look at or if you have a question about any of the programs we now offer, please send us a message on the “Contact” Page.

Note: Concinnity Network is NOT affiliated in any way with and does not endorse MPB Today.


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Growing Pastoral Unemployment

Protestant Pastor across America are feeling the effects of the economic collapseShrinking attendance and the recession are making for one of the worst job markets for Protestant ministers in decades, according to a report in USA Today.

There are more than 600,000 ministers in the United States, but only 338,000 churches, according to the Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches. This is causing a glut of qualified but unemployed pastors, especially as church attendance in many mainline denominations continues to slide.

Smaller congregations are being hit particularly hard because they typically have more trouble finding funds during bad economic times. Many are now unable to afford a full-time minister. With the average church attendance in the United States at 75 people, these small churches are now being forced to either pay their minister less or use part-time clergy.

“There’s lots of really good pastors out there who are having a terrible time,” Phil Leftwich, executive presbyter of the Presbytery of Middle Tennessee, told The Tennessean. Among Presbyterians, there are four pastors looking for work for every one job opening.

Seminary enrollment is declining as well, possibly in response to the tough market. According to the Association of Theological Schools, national enrollment is down 6.4 percent since 2005.

However, a large pool of unemployed ministers is good for some groups. Churches that are financially stable, especially larger churches with big staffs, can take their time in selecting the pastor they think is right for the job. Also, retired pastors who are willing to serve at small churches to supplement their income are finding more opportunities.### [usatoday.com, 6/7/10]

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Clergy Joblessness On The Rise

Joblessness Hits the Pulpit
More Churches Lay Off Clergy as Donations Drop; Few Get Severance Benefits
[Based on a recent Wall Street Journal Article]

While some economists insist that the national economy appears to be recovering from the worst downturn in many generations, significantly declining donations in churches result in rising clergy unemployment. Official government reports estimated about 5,000 clergy were unemployed in 2009, up sharply from 3,000 in 2007, and a much lower 2,000 only four years prior in 2005.

A trending decrease in attendance in many denominations and the short-term stresses of the extant recession are being attributed as the primary cause for recent clergy and church-staff layoffs.

A Barna Research survey of 1008 adults conducted in the first two months of 2010 had nearly 30% of them indicating they reduced their giving to their church by an average of 30%. While nearly 50% of the 3,000 members of the National Association of Church Business Administration (NACBA) report reduced or frozen salaries and/or benefits.

Since salaries for many clergy are typically low anyway, clergymen are particularly hard hit by this recent economic fall out.

Some church leaders are concerned donations won’t reach prerecession levels as long as unemployment stays elevated.

Reportedly, megachurches, those with 2,000 or more attendees, are among the hardest hit by the recession.

Read Wall Street Journal Article

God’s Plan for the Global Economic Collapse

Dr. Steven Lambert

In this crucial hour when not only Americans but all peoples of all nations collectively are faced with the catastrophic effects of the most expansive economic collapse in the annals of human history, it is calming, comforting, and cheering to know that the Sovereign and Almighty God has a plan, has eternally known what the plan is, and that His plan—for individual believers and His true Body alike—is not for harm, calamity, disaster, or destruction, but welfare, good, prosperity, peace, and a hope-filled future. Read more »

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